February 28-March 2, 2023 JEWISH DIGITAL SUMMIT



Don’t Miss Your Chance to Participate in These Engaging Sessions at the Jewish Digital Summit


The first-ever Jewish Digital Summit starts Tuesday! Register now to participate in this groundbreaking event exploring how digital experiences and tools are transforming the Jewish community. More than 650 people so far have signed up to join us online this week.

Here are 10 reasons to join them:

1. Online Security in the Age of Rising Antisemitism: A discussion that’s more important than ever.

2. Reimagining Work/Life Balance in a Remote World: Relevant to any professional in 2023.

3. Engaging Jewish Audiences Through Social Media: Learn social media tips and tricks from our panel of experts.

4. Fundraising with NFTs and Crypto: Understand how new technologies will impact the nonprofit world for years to come.

5. Using the Digital World to Increase Diversity in Jewish Spaces: In a Jewish world that’s more diverse than ever, learn how digital channels create a place for everyone.

6. To Shulcloud or Not to Shulcloud: Strategies for Setting Up Your Synagogue Website: Answers to the question that’s on the mind of anyone involved with a synagogue.

7. Design Bootcamp with Canva & Photoshop: Everyone’s a designer these days — make sure you have the tools to make your designs shine.

8. Jewish Digital Trivia Night! Show off your knowledge with our fun-filled game show.

9. Using Digital to Map the Past and Explore Our Jewish Futures: Find out how digital makes it possible to revisit the Jewish past and opens new possibilities for Jewish identity.

10. The Future of Religious Practice and Study: From Zoom services to online Talmud study, digital is changing religious Jewish life. Explore what the future holds.