Rabbi Page

Shalom dear  Kehilah – Community,

I am thrilled to be an integral part of the Temple B’nai Jacob family. I believe that my diverse set of passions and skills allows me to bring a special energy to every aspect of my rabbinate. My strength is to bring a dynamic and meaningful Judaism into people’s lives via a variety of creative mediums.

As a citizen of both the United States and Israel, I would like to offer you a unique approach to a variety of issues. I was born in Israel to second generation Holocaust  survivors and lived on Kibbutz Beit Nir as a child. I studied at the prestigious Environmental School of Midreshet Sde Boker boarding school as a teen, where I had the unique opportunity to study with renowned scholars in their particular scientific fields. As an environmentalist and animal lover, prior to enlisting in the Israeli Defense Forces, I completed one year of volunteer service for the State of Israel as a bird bander and ornithological guide for people from all around the world. During my army service, I served as a combat medic in the bomb squad unit of the infantry Givati brigade in the IDF.

Before arriving to the United States, I spent my days literally monkeying around as I worked as a therapeutic zoo manager in the north of Israel. In 2006, I emigrated to the U.S. to marry my dear wife and best friend, Jenn, who is a Cantor. I received my rabbinical Semicha from The Reconstructionist Rabbinical College just outside of Philadelphia in 2016.

It is my deep belief that we were all created – “In the image of G-D” and, as such, we should strive to make this world a better place on a daily basis. I am convinced that we can do this through the Jewish ethical values of honesty, respect, love and understanding for our fellow human beings, our world and ourselves.

I envision my rabbinate as a mission to spread the words and ideas of Torah, to engage and grow the Jewish community in the most meaningful way possible and to love, cherish and learn from every single human being.

My wife Jenn,  our energetic, twins Noam and Shai, and I absolutely love living in Wellington and can often be seen at Village of Wellington events. I look forward to serving Temple B’nai Jacob; helping to create a vibrant center for Conservative Jewish life for all of those in our area.


Rabbi Matan Peled